Saturday, November 29, 2008

YA in the Papers

An Interview with 'Weetzie Bat' Author Francesca Lia Block
Oh my god, she's writing a Weetzie prequel! The Weetzie Bat books haven't aged so well for me, but I know how amazing I used to think Witch Baby was, how I read it about eight hundred times and cried every single time. You know how she roller-skates around town snapping magical photographs and broods poetically and plays drums in the dark and shaves her head? I once gave a copy of it to a boy I liked because I thought if he read it he would totally get me, but I'm pretty sure he never even opened it. (Or returned it.) Jerk.

M.T. Anderson Gives Young Adults What They Want: Complex Epic Tales They Can Get Lost In
Fawning. The usual.

Post-Apocalypic YA Novels
Is there any better sub-genre? John Green writes about Hunger Games and The Dead and the Gone.

Plus a troubling fact: Did you know if you go to and try to set up a feed of articles on "Young Adult Books," every single article it returns is related to Harry Potter?

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