Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here is the beginning of a discussion about Headlong, by Kathe Koja on the New Yorker website:

LIGAYA MISHAN: Did you have certain expectations of “Headlong,” given the Y.A. label? Did it confound or surpass those expectations—or prove them right?

MACY HALFORD: The book totally surpassed my expectations. I tend to think of young-adult fiction as sort of facile—a straightforward style, uncomplicated themes and morals—but this had a complexity, an ambiguity, that surprised me... It fit my expectations in terms of length and enjoyableness, though: I assume that anything branded “young adult” needs to have a plotline that captures a teen’s attention, and also needs to be not too long or challenging.
Facile, uncomplicated, short and not challenging. Got it. (Is there anything more tiresome than reading a review of YA lit written by someone who apparently doesn't read much of it, and therefore is startled to find that they've read, like, an actual good book, and then spends half the article debating the definition of YA and the YA audience?)

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