Sunday, January 25, 2009

JHunt Winner

So I posted last week about the JHunt, the YA award voted on by subscribers to the "adbooks" email list. And tonight, the final vote was tallied, and the winner announced: It's Nation, by Terry Pratchett!

I haven't even read this one yet, and it's killing me because everyone else has by now. According to my Brooklyn Public Lib. request list, it's "in transit" to me right now. The thing I find interesting about this whole email list voting thing is how closely it matches with other YA honors. I mean, that's not surprising at all, but for an award that was started because the founder thought other award-givers were missing the mark, you'd think there would be at least one surprise winner somewhere in its history (by which I mean a book in contention that hasn't been generally considered all over the place as among the most notable of the year.) It's really sort of reassuring in a way.

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