Monday, January 12, 2009


Ack! I looked at my site through an RSS feed, and I've screwed up!
My post about the Sydney Taylor Book Award of a few days ago shows up once on the website, but twice on the feed, and one of the posts has all the wrong info. It's because I posted the first one, realized about two seconds later that I had absentmindedly been looking at the 2008 results from their website, not 2009, so I deleted the post quickly, rewrote it with the correct info and posted that. But... I'm not a professional blogger or anything, and it didn't occur to me that of course once it's posted it's on the feeds and that's that. And now that it's deleted from the site, I can't even edit the incorrect post to clarify. So. Now I know. Won't happen again.

**UPDATE** Valerie Zenatti, the winner of the award, has joined the blog tour! So go to Lori Calabrese Writes on Jan. 20th for the interview.

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