Saturday, January 17, 2009


It's been a terribly unpleasant week, and now I'm doing anything I can think of to avoid packing. I'm moving tomorrow to a new apartment in Brooklyn that has a backyard (!), and I'm so tired but I can't put it off much longer since the movers will be here in twelve hours, but there's still time to make non-essential posts. Like for example, to make a list of what I read this week:

The Knife of Never Letting Go, Patrick Ness
You know, that book the reviewers keep saying has the best first sentence ever? Where people settle a planet with a germ that makes animals talk and everyone's thoughts audible? And a boy who's about to become a man has to escape from his town for unclear reasons that eventually mostly become clear (but still don't totally make sense, at least to me)? I have read so much about this book, so it's about time I actually read it all the way through. And I loved it, but now I think I need to read it again because I was rushing through to see what would happen.

Living Dead Girl, Elizabeth Scott
A quick read about a girl who was kidnapped by a pedophile and treated horribly for five years and is now waiting for him to kill her since she's gotten too old. I'm sure it's a good book and all; lots of people seem to like it, but it's just so grim.

Paper Towns, John Green
I must be the last person in town to read this one. People seem to be taking sides, like is it better than Looking for Alaska, better than An Abundance of Katherines? The exact same book as Looking for Alaska, so why bother? I dunno. I think I enjoyed reading it more than the others; it's a fun mystery, but thank goodness it turned out that most of the clues weren't intentional, because Margo would have been really insufferable if she had actually put together a ploy like that, and for pete's sake what's so great about her anyway to get everyone so whipped into a tizzy? But I realize that that's the point. It's not about Margo. I really really try to like John Green's books; I've read each of them several times, trying to love them as much as so many do, but I think I will have to settle for just sort of liking them.

Total this week: 3
Year to date totals: 8 new, 2 re-reads

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