Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NYC Teen Author Festival UPDATE

Ok, so yesterday was the first event, Juvenalia Smackdown, where several talented and successful writers made fools of themselves reading ridiculous things they had written as teenagers.

It was a full house at the Tompkins Square Park library, and the panel was sometimes nearly drowned out by laughter. In the end, it was decided that Scott Westerfeld sucked the most, but honestly Holly Black was worse. Scott's might have been a stupidly pretentious crime-solving-space-demon wreck, but Holly's story sounded like something I might have written, and that is bad indeed. I was going to try to paraphrase, but thinking about a girl named Lucifer and men-and-whores and "they laughed long, in the manner of drunk people" (which is almost certainly not an actual quote) is making me giggle again, and I can't remember it right anyway.

Also, Cassandra Clare was wearing distractingly amazing red shoes.

And what was totally awesome is that one audience member and her mother had actually come all the way from Arizona just for this! I hope they have a great time in New York, and someone better make sure they get some t-shirts, or free books at the signings, or something. That's pretty cool.

So, it was a good start to the week. The next event is I Have Seen the Future…and It Sounds Like This on Wednesday evening at 6 pm at NYPL's Mulberry Street branch. More amazing writers will be reading from their future books. See you there!

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