Sunday, March 1, 2009


The awards pickings have been slim lately. I seem to have nothing to post about... I did read some stuff this week though, so there's always that.

Bog Child, Shioban Dowd

, Neil Gaiman

Not really YA, but close enough maybe? I read it because I was planning to see the movie, though in the end I haven't yet. It's the sort of book I would have loved when I was ten years old, dark and creepy enough to be fun, but mostly it's about exploring and cleverly outwitting the evil adults.

I started, but didn't finish, Graceling, and returned it to the library by accident yesterday. It seems like everyone loves it so I feel strange for not instantly getting excited about it. I'll check it out again though and give it a proper go. I also started but didn't quite finish Love is a Many Trousered Thing, by Louise Rennison. It's sitting on the edge of my bathtub right now, so I'm sure I'll finish it next bath. I picked it up mostly because I was surprised to see that there are 9 books in that series now. I hadn't been paying attention, but that seems like quite a lot. I read the first two ages ago and they are very charming. This one, so far, feels like it's struggling a lot harder to be funny than the early ones.

And then I picked up Kendra by Coe Booth from the library, so I'll be starting that on Monday's commute. I'm pretty excited about it actually—I hope I get a seat so I can enjoy it. Everyone knows how much I loved Tyrell a few years ago, so it's been way too long a wait to read more from Booth. (And you know that she'll be involved with the NYC Teen Author Festival this month, right? Details here.)

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