Sunday, April 19, 2009

Look at my yard!

Ferns are unfurling all over my yard! These little pink flowers just started blooming! (Plus tulips, and some spindly white things, the Japanese maple has fresh red leaves, and there are mystery shoots coming up everywhere.

And!! My vegetables beds are ready to plant! They're filled with the beautiful black compost the old tenants left behind in the composter (plus other things that make it look not-black).
Plus, I got grass seed and a 20 pound bag of birdseed so maybe the grass can get less patchy and the feeder won't keep going unfilled. Oh! And I got all kinds of seeds. Vegetables mostly, but also hollyhocks to go along the back fence! I'm completely exhausted. (And super super appreciative of the bartered-labor help I got.)

But you know a good YA book you should read if you want to get excited about gardening? The Canning Season, by Polly Horvath--a National Book Award winner I totally love, but not everyone does. It's mostly about this girl who gets sent to live with her very old and eccentric aunts on a blueberry farm in a remote bear-filled part of Maine (the sort of story that can definitely go either way if you're not Roald Dahl, but Polly Horvath makes it work very well.) But then this other girl shows up because her guardian mistook the house for an orphanage and she's kind of acerbic and jaded, but she has a passion for gardening that's infectious.
Also, in a very different vein, another favorite of mine: How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff. It doesn't get to the gardening stuff until the end, but a traumatized-until-he's-nearly-mute character uses planting flowers expressively as a way to cope with the war horrors he's seen. It's much more interesting than I just made it sound.
P.S. JL? Shut up about your website. I am way too tired to finish it tonight, but it will be done before your deadline, I promise.


  1. What a Jerk!

    Er, by which I mean to say, what an amazingly beautiful backyard, I am thoroughly and painfully jealous!

  2. Isn't it great?? Remember when I used to be sooo jealous of your apartment? And now we both have little yards!