Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Look at my yard!! (part II)

Anyone dying to know what my little Brooklyn garden (pictured here about six weeks ago) looks like now? I can't believe I was so impressed at how lush and green it was back then! That innocent baby fern I posted? Those things get three feet wide! So the perennials have just been off doing their thing—and how!—but my real project is the vegetable garden I planted in the raised beds. One of which now looks like this.

The tomatoes have only been in about a month and they're up to my waist almost, and there are lots of blossoms and a few teensy baby tomatoes. That's cauliflower and broccoli in front, plus some bell peppers and green beans off to the side. And loads of other things not pictured. Blah blah blah! Very boring, I know, so here's a picture of my cat sniffing the romaine, and then I'm done.

(Next time I post, it'll be about YA books. I've been reading some good ones lately.)

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  1. I think I like your cat even more than your garden... He/she is soooo beautiful!!!

    Please share your reads. I've been dealing with some disappointments on the book front lately.

    I'm reading Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life right now. It's good so far... Have you read it?