Sunday, June 28, 2009

Recent Reading: vol. ??

First, a plea: I really really want to read Liar by Justine Larbalestier right now! I cannot wait until September 29th. Does anyone have an ARC?? Please!? I'd read it quick and return it straightaway, or I've got good stuff I could trade you for it. (It sucks to not be in the biz, showered with more free advance copies than I could possibly read—at least that's what I assume life is like in the publishing world...)

And now, here's what I read this week:

Janes in Love, Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg
The sequel to The Plain Janes where the Janes fret about boys and also get an NEA-esque grant and community support that make their public art attacks legit.

Downsiders, Neal Shusterman
This is about people who live beneath Manhattan in elaborate abandoned tunnels and other structures. Then a downside boy meets a topside girl while he's scavenging above-ground for medicine for his little sister (awww!), and it plays out about how you'd expect. Except! The girl does some research and finds out how their community started (they've forgotten themselves, it was so many generations ago), and it's all about imagining what might have happened if Alfred Beach hadn't stopped building his doomed pneumatic subway system in the 1870s. Which is pretty cool; I love that bit of NYC history.

Dough Boy, Peter Marino
Tristan's a fat kid with an insufferable, nutrition-obsessed new stepsister who spends most of the book berating him and her father about their weight and alienating everyone she meets. The first half of the book is pretty much one hundred percent her yelling at him about carbs [no, that's not true, lots of other things happened too; it just felt that way], then in the second half she starts doing other annoying things too, while everyone tries to figure out how to not have to spend time with her. Bonus points for Tristan not magically losing weight by the end.

Like A Thorn, Clara Vidal
A short book about a girl who develops OCD as a way to cope with her unpredictable, emotionally abusive mother. It was translated from French, and I have to assume it reads better in the original.

Unrelatedly, I ate my first garden beans today. I had meant to put them in a salad, but I couldn't wait long enough to get them inside. Just wiped the dirt off and ate them and their sun-warmth. And here's a picture of my favorite young tomato. I can't remember which kind he is—"cherokee purple" maybe? I've got a good feeling about those delicious-looking pleats.

Read this week: 4
YTD total: 47

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