Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recent Reading

I've not been reading too much YA lately, cause I've been busy wasting my time with some adult books and other activities.

But. I did manage to read a graphic novel in the tub one morning—The Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg.
After Jane nearly gets blown up by a terrorist bomb in a city cafe, her parents freak out and move the family to the suburbs, where Jane joins forces with some other outcasts also named Jane and starts doing guerrilla public art projects. Features one-dimensional stereotypical supporting characters—the mean girl, the drama freak, the science nerd, the token gay jane—but I liked it anyway.

Total books read this week: 1
Total YTD: 44? 45? Must look back at the previous total and add 1... Only 43 Ack!

P.S. I hear that Ohio is about to drastically cut state funding for public libraries—by 50%! This can't happen. I'm not in Ohio myself, but my nieces and nephews are, and all their classmates and families too. Whole branches would close—possibly the one in their neighborhood, for all I know—new books wouldn't be bought. And so on. This is a link to one of those silly online forms that sends a message to the legislators. I hate those things, but it's better than nothing. Better yet, if you're in Ohio, write your own letter or make a real phone call. Save my sister's family's libraries!!

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