Saturday, July 4, 2009

Many of you know that I am a tad obsessed with ranking award-winning YA fiction by assigning values to each award each books wins and adding them up, right? (I have time on my hands...) So obviously I enjoy spending time over at, a wiki that compiles loads of data about literary and other creative awards. (Unfortunately my own database of YA award winners was well underway before I even knew this place existed—and it's a good thing I didn't know or I might not have even bothered starting mine.) But check this out! It's their "honor roll" of the top ten highest ranking "recent fiction," meaning books published in the last three years. And half of them are YA!

I realize that all this means is that there are lots of YA/children's awards going to some great YA books these days. It's not like the youth titles are sweeping the grown-up awards. And it also highlights the problem of awardannal's democratic one-win/one-score ranking process. Who cares! It's still cool, and it means that readers innocently clicking the link looking for a good book to read will see a whole list of terrific stuff they might have otherwise missed.

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