Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cover Art

So Justine Larbalestier's upcoming Liar is getting loads of attention of late. I haven't read it yet since, despite my pleas, I haven't gotten my hands on a galley, but apparently the narrator is a short-haired African-American girl who's a compulsive liar. The US cover features a photograph of a long-haired white girl, causing readers to wonder a) if the narrator is lying about everything, including the basics of her identity (apparently not) and/or b) if the publisher just wanted to have a white face on the cover, no matter the content, because people don't buy books with black people on the covers (duh).

There's an article in Publisher's Weekly here, and Larbalestier blogged about it yesterday. Plus there are tons of comments and everyone's got an opinion about race in publishing and authors' lack of control over how their books are represented and bad covers in general. It's all very interesting.

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