Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Recent Reading

It's 7am. I'm sitting here with the breakfast I made: buttermilk multigrain pancakes (from scratch), facon and fresh strawberries. It's just the sort of before-work morning I always mean to have but then can't get out of bed in time to actually make happen. After this, I'm going to take a bath instead of a rushed shower. It'll be great. But before that I have to post what I read last week:

Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card
This one's been on the to-do list forever. Most probably already know the premise of this series: Promising children are taken into space and trained to become the next generation of military commanders to lead the war against bug-like aliens that want to destroy and/or colonize earth. Ender's even more promising than the rest.

Lena, Jacqueline Woodson
Two girls hitchhike across the South to escape from their father's sexual abuse.

The Treasure Map of Boys, E. Lockhart
Which I already wrote something about just below this post.

The tally:
This week: 3
YTD: 50

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