Monday, August 17, 2009

Robert Cormier! Melvin Burgess!

I've been a little Burgess-obsessed lately (I keep meaning to post a proper write-up of Nicholas Dane...), so imagine how happy I was to stumble upon this old article on the internet! The original master of dark, complicated, much-banned YA (pictured on the right) and the current one (looking up) talking in the same room at the same time. Awesome.

There's been a burst of internet articles lately/always about how awful and inappropriate for "children" recent YA books are. Like this tiresome piece that all the bloggers but me finished blogging about weeks and weeks ago—"Rape, abortion, incest. Is this what CHILDREN should read?" Boringly predictably, much of the article that's not spent mis-reading Tender Morsels is spent mis-reading Melvin Burgess's entire body of work, which in real life is so gentle and affirming and honest that it feels terribly cheap to just inaccurately sum up the skeleton of his plots and leave it at that. But whatever. He can obviously take it. And the kids who need to read his books seem to find them.

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