Monday, August 17, 2009

Tim Tharp!

Tim Tharp needs more attention! Why isn't he up there with the Chris Crutchers and the John Greens? Is it because of the southern accent?

I loved his National Book Award nominated The Spectacular Now, and I've finally read his earlier Knights of the Hill Country, and it's so great too. There just aren't enough books out there about regular decent boys doing stuff and figuring out their place in their world and having regular complicated feelings about their friends and their families and girls. Hampton's such a good guy, but in the way that real complex guys are good guys, not in a fake lesson-y way. Plus there's football—lots and lots of football. I hear that boy readers like sports, and I also hear that lots of people are very very concerned with boys' lack of interest in reading, so why isn't everyone falling over themselves to get this one into people's hands? I don't understand it.

p.s. Coincidentally, I read this just as Netflix had delivered two discs worth of PBS's "Country Boys" to my house, and they went well together. It turns out the whole show's available online.

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