Sunday, August 30, 2009

WFMAD--it's not too late!

It's almost September, which is shocking in itself, and which also means that I completely failed in my plan to keep up with Laurie Halse Anderson's WFMAD in August challenge. It's like Maureen Johnson's BEDA all over again, only more so. (I'm not really a writer, but we all need a hobby.)

So I didn't actually write a word, but much like watching exercise videos from the couch, I did read every one of her daily entries, full of inspiring writer-y quotes and prompts for the still-uninspired. Plus lots of news about her garden and Bitch magazine (she's a fan!), so it was like all my favorite things at once.

So the point about September is that it's a whole new month, with 30 new days in it, and all of Laurie's numbered posts still exist, so I'm going to do it then. After 7 and a half solid hours of writing spread out over a month my sci-fi trilogy should be well under way. You should do it too! Start here, and go from there.

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