Monday, September 7, 2009

Recent Reading

Skin Deep, E. M. Crane
It's a "languid read for introspective girls" —sez the SLJ review. 
I read this one because Jacket Whys, a cool blog about YA book covers (really, that's way more interesting than it might sound), mentioned it as a best cover of 2008. I'm not sure I agree with that, but I hadn't even heard of the book before, yet when I saw it at the Strand for a buck fifty I recognized it from the post and snapped it right up.
It's one of those books where a girl with some problems befriends a cool adult (and her dog) who shows her another way to live (see also: Suite Scarlett, by Maureen Johnson).  It's lovely, full of gardening and raku firing and medicinal teas and a small-town art scene. 
I just couldn't get over how little Andrea was paid to be this woman's assistant.  Everyone kept acting like 70 dollars a week was extravagant for a dog walking job, but that's only 10 bucks a day, and she wasn't walking the dog, she was spending hours a day caring for a cancer patient, and then entire days on the weekends doing all kinds of things.  I mean, I'd do it for free, just to get to make the pottery and learn how to make teas that would heal my reproductive woes, but sheesh. 

Finding Lubchenko, Michael Simmons
It's another kid with a lousy home life.  Only more so.  Evan's dad is being held without bail for a murder he probably didn't commit, but Evan unwittingly stole the laptop containing the evidence the police need to clear him.  Handing it over now would mean his own little thieving operation would be revealed, so he goes on an international caper to solve things himself.  Which mostly means he and his friends eat a lot of chinese food in Paris and go to clubs while waiting for clues to fall into their laps.  Features gross overuse of the word "anyway" as a breezy sentence-starter (almost as grating as my own use of "so").

Total this week: 2
Total YTD: 62

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