Monday, August 31, 2009

This and that

You MUST go visit Scott Westerfeld's blog! He's posted the first chapter from the audiobook of Leviathan, and it's read by Alan Cumming!! It doesn't get cooler than that. Also you can download Uglies for free (though you have to give Simon and Schuster your email address...), which I promptly did in case I ever get around to getting an e-reader.

Also, I had meant to post this ages ago, like back when it happened, but I just found a half-written post about it that I guess I never hit publish on. Nothing big, it's just a article in the NY Times about how the Brooklyn Public Library deals with complaints about books. The cool part is a slideshow of documents from the archive—actual user complaints and the library's responses. They respond thoroughly and respectfully to even the most crackpot of complaints.

You know, summer's about over; the air is (temporarily) crisp, and it's getting dark soo much earlier already. For me that means working five day weeks again. With just two day weekends in between. Barbaric! On the plus side, an extra commute means an extra commute's worth of reading time, and cooler temperatures mean more time spent warming up in the tub with a book. So loads more reading time, hopefully some rad website changes, and an all-new YA awards season is right around the corner. There's much to look forward to after a lazy and change-filled summer. See you there!

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