Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blah. Plus some stuff I read

This afternoon I went for a run in the park and it was so sunny that afterward I lay happily in the grass in just my t-shirt.  [Um. I've been notified that I should maybe clarify that I was also wearing running trousers. It was surprisingly warm and sunny for so late in the year was my point.]  I was supposed to be stretching or something, but the sky was too blue.  But meanwhile, the neighbors across from me spent the day decorating a Christmas tree on their deck out back.  Too soon!  At least wait until all the leaves have finished falling! And some nearby dad is playing a very long game with a bunch of kids that involves him growling and roaring while the kids shriek and laugh.  Normally I would be wishing them all dead for making such a racket, but all it's doing is making me feel very home-y and content.  Troubling.

But whatever, here's what I've been reading.  (I am so sick of keeping track by the way, and am boring even myself.  But I started at the beginning of the year and so I can't quit now.)

Three in a row that involve runaway journeys in one way or another:
Solace of the Road, Siobhan Dowd
Dark Dude, Oscar Hijuelos
Unwind, Neal Shusterman

Not to mention:
Runaways, Vol. 1, Brian Vaughan

After, Francine Prose
All about what happens after there's a school shooting in a nearby town.  Crazy new security measures and such, except that it's all more sinister than that.  Parents are being brainwashed via email and kids are disappearing and/or dying.  There's no explanation given for it though, and the conclusion is unsatisfying to say the least.

TTYL, Lauren Myracle
I finally had to read what sounds like the most challenged book around after avoiding it for years due to its format and the potential embarrassment of getting caught with it on the train. (You know what I mean if you've ever seen this book and are older than 14.) I don't quite get the controversy.  At first I was startled that fifteen year olds were discussing shaving their crotches like it was a given right from page 2, but I think that was the most shocking thing that happened.  I assume the other books get more explicit.

And a few others:
Lips Touch: Three Times, Laini Taylor
Everlost, Neal Shusterman
If You Come Softly, Jacqueline Woodson

Last coupla weeks: 9
YTD: 82

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