Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OMG Raccoons!

I haven't had anything to say about my little garden in awhile, because nothing's been happening.  The season didn't end particularly successfully.  But the raccoons came around tonight (while I was working on my nanowrimo novel, natch), and suddenly I don't hate them anymore.  Maybe it's because there are no more vegetables for me to worry about defending, or maybe it's just that they've put on enough winter weight that they don't look all hollow and pointy-snouted anymore, but they turned cute!

I heard the dreaded baby-dinosaur squawks and went out to see them climbing through the bamboo.  The more curious one got interested and crept towards me in slow motion, exactly the way the cats crawl across the couch—one foot always paused in the air—when they're trying to sneak into my lap without me noticing.  I went inside for my phone to take a pic, and when I opened the door again, the friendly one was right there sniffing, but jogged away.  Then they both went and sat in my mostly-empty vegetable beds and dug up some dirt while watching me over their shoulders.  It's like I live out in the country or something.  My phone camera doesn't have a flash, so this is all I came up with: