Saturday, December 5, 2009

Recent Reading

So last week I read a stack of books that all involved runaways and/or road trip adventures.  And then this week I ended up reading two more:

Going Bovine, Libba Bray
This one has gotten so much attention recently that anyone reading this surely already knows what it's about.  But just in case, it's about a boy with mad cow disease and the Don Quixote inspired hallucinations his spongifying brain is having wherein he escapes his hospital deathbed to find a scientist in a different dimension who can cure him and also save the universe.  Assorted interconnected adventures ensue. It's like 400 pages of someone telling you about a weird dream they had, and for awhile I was wondering if it would never end, but then I got increasingly caught up in it and didn't want it to.  It's awesome.

Punkzilla is Adam Rapp's latest about a boy who's gone AWOL from military school to live on the streets in Portland, but then has to Greyhound his way to Memphis to see his older brother before he dies of cancer.  Along the way he meets various people, some who are nice and some who are terrible, and he spends his time writing long steam-of-conscious letters to his brother.

This week: 2
YTD: 84

Also: It's snowing!  Well, mostly raining, but some of the drops are definitely solid and white.