Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recent Reading

And here's what I read the first week of 2010.  Blah!

The Brothers Torres, Coert Voorhees
I avoided this for a long time because the description I had read made it sound like some anti-gang cautionary tale.  Not even close.  It's really a sweet and nuanced coming-of-age story that feels really true.  And there's enough violence and sexual awkwardness to keep it interesting.  I want a stuffed sopaipilla so badly right now, just thinking about it.

Locked Inside, Nancy Werlin
This was a nominee for an Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Mystery back in 2000.  It was also a one-bath read (though I was pretty pruney by the time it was over) because I couldn't put it down.  The daughter of a dead celebrity is flunking out of her fancy boarding school because she spends all her time playing computer games and alienating her classmates.  Then she gets kidnapped by a woman who claims to be her sister and the rightful heir to half her mother's fortune.  Good thing all that gaming taught her some survival skills...  It's a page-turner.

YTD: 2

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