Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recent Reading

The Killer's Cousin, Nancy Werlin
Maybe I read them in the wrong order, but the Elf, from Locked Inside is in this book too! Except in his real-life persona, where he's the loner skinhead-looking kid who befriends the new guy in school who moved in with relatives after being acquitted of killing his girlfriend.  But something's up with the killer's young cousin Lily. 

And then, continuing my recent Neal Shusterman kick, two more by him:

Full Tilt, which reminded me of Going Bovine in some ways. It's another book-length, brain induced fantasy-adventure-that's-maybe-really-happening wherein the only survivor of a childhood school bus crash finally comes to terms with it at a sinister amusement park.

The Schwa was Here,  a sweet sort of book about a kid from Brooklyn and his "functionally invisible" friend the Schaw whom most people don't notice most of the time.  It's of that sub-genre where an eccentric adult—in this case the mean, wheelchair-bound neighbor Mr. Crawley—unexpectedly changes their lives. 

This week: 3
YTD: 5

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