Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recent Reading: Snow Day Edition

This has been the best day in ages.  I've had such a glum winter, but I think this one day makes it all ok.  It was a snow day, and one that I got to plan in advance for so I had all the best food on hand (mainly pistachios).  And then it snowed.  All day.  The cats gave up by 10 am.  By late afternoon the trees and plants had leaned over from the weight, blocking the sky, and the drifts had climbed the fences, and it all met in the middle and turned my yard into a snow cocoon.

So anyway, you'd think I spent the day inside reading YA novels or something, but no way.  Much better things to do.  Here's the last few things I did read, though:

Tales of the Madman Underground: An Historical Romance 1973,  John Barnes
This is one of the recent Printz honor books and definitely deserves a full review, but I bet I won't get around to it. As a lifelong fan of the "problem novel," I love it.  The cheerleader getting molested by her grandfather?  The hot chick who speaks via a stuffed rabbit?  The animal slasher who might turn into a serial killer? The in-denial gay kid who turns tricks on the freeway when his dad's mean to him?  And all the other kids with their variously effed up family lives?  Whatev.  Just like in real life, their stories are a dime a dozen, and the real story is just about day to day life.  No one gets saved. (p.s. It's overly long and gets off-track a bit, but I don't care and you won't either.)

The Eyes of Kid Midas, Neal Shusterman
Yeah.  I'm done with Shusterman after this.  At least until his next book.  I mean, he's great and I've made a pretty thorough go of it, and have read loads of good stuff.  I loved Unwind and Everlost and several of the more recent ones.  But I can tell that I don't necessarily need to read ever single word he's ever written just because everything's being re-released in pretty covers after the success of the more recent stuff.

How to Steal a Car, Pete Hautman
About a girl who steals cars, at first more or less by accident, and then it becomes a bit of a habit.  According to the jacket flap she does this in the same way that cutters cut and anorexics starve themselves—to cope with the horrors of teen life and whatnot.  And also for the thrill.  It's quite a nice story actually, because it mostly isn't about car theft.

And there's something I already returned to the library that I just can't remember.  Hardcover, not too thick, about a girl...

This batch: 4 (yes, I'm counting the unremembered one.  I'll add the title when I figure out what it was)
YTD: 12

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