Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cemeteries; eggplants; bald spots

I haven't been reading any YA again.  Or following the news about the goings-on in the biz.  I did read Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men by Michael Kimmel, which everyone seemed to be abuzz about all at the same time. It's ok I guess, but it's awfully focused on frat culture.  Mostly I'm just typing up a post to procrastinate, because there is so much else I really should be doing right now.  And to whine about stuff.

Like: Something has gone wrong with my internet, and it's driving me mad.  It doesn't work and then it does and then it resets itself and doesn't again, and the router doesn't work at all, which is unbearable.  I have to sit on the couch with my laptop hooked directly to the ethernet like its 1999 or something.  Gah! (The good part is, the other day I hiked over to the Time Warner office to trade in my modem for a shinier one, just in case.  It didn't help of course, but the office is right across the street from Greenwood Cemetery, so I got to stroll through the graves after, which was very pleasant.)

And: A couple months ago I went to the garden center with a guy who also has a garden.  We each bought an eggplant starter.  I just visited his yard, which is way sunnier than mine, and his is a giant shrub now and is covered with eggplants, some many inches long already and dark purple.  Mine is maybe a foot tall and has three sad little blossoms that don't seem to be turning into anything. Next year I will have to focus on shade-loving vegetables, cause this is frustrating.  Also, the squirrels and/or raccoons are eating all my tomatoes.

And then in alopecia news (cause I know fans of YA fiction will care about my annoying scalp disease), check out my adorable stubble!  Too bad I don't have a proper camera, but there's a bunch there now, even a bit in the parts that look bare.  I know it still looks awful, but I'll take what I can get. It's been about six weeks since my first scalp shots, and a couple weeks since the second round.  So, it's obviously good that the follicles are responding, and I'll just be cheered by that instead of being deeply unhappy about the way "the spot" is still spreading.  At least it's not so achy anymore for some reason.  I'm so tired of having to pull my hair back to cover it every day; I'm almost looking forward to the time when that stops working and I can shave it all off and get a totally realistic hair tattoo. (I actually googled that phrase after an awesomely detailed dream in which I got an elaborate librarian-bun tattooed on my head.)

Now, to work!

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