Thursday, October 7, 2010

A couple things:

First, the internet problems that have been driving me mad all summer are finally fixed.  I'm typing this from my bed (I'm home sick today) instead of from two feet away from the modem because I have a wireless connection that works 100% of the time instead of about 12% of the time.  Turns out the cable company had connected me to the wrong box when I first moved in and it took about 800 different technicians to notice... 

Also, I now have a Kindle and an account over at, which means I can read free ARCs (a few of them at least).  For instance, right this second I'm reading Walter Dean Myers' new book Kick, which is due out in early 2011.  So that's cool.

And, most importantly, it's fall again--i.e. book awards season.  So get ready for timely updates of all the important news.  I'm pretty sure I'm back at work on this thing.  I might even update the upcoming events over on the right there.  Cause that's just embarrassing.

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