Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ramoning bald girls

You know what happens if you write a blog that's mostly about young adult fiction and then post some pictures of yourself with a bald spot and write about a stupid medical affliction?  While also not posting much YA-related stuff?  Virtually all my recent site traffic has come from people searching for alopecia or things like "bald girls," "bald spot on a girl" and so on.  So let's check in!  It's been 7 months since my first round of stinging head injections (as many as 60 at a time!), and I've made a handy photo guide of the progress, including a flattering and not 100% accurate shot taken today (the fresh spots that sprouted up last month are mostly hidden...) 
Not bad though, right?  I can almost make a stubble mohawk!

And now, let's never speak of it again.  This is a YA blog, for pete's sake.  (Though if you're going through this and want to talk about it, definitely feel free to send an email.  I might have a tip or two.)

And!  I got so carried away obsessing over my scalp that I almost forgot the whole reason I was going to make a post about search terms in the first place.  Which is that someone--my lone reader who's not losing his/her hair, probably--got here searching for "wanna get ramoned," and that makes me smile.  Good ol' King Dork I realized after I posted about that ages ago that I had misheard the lyrics to the song, not getting the joke about bad French.  How embarrassing for me..

Anyhoo.  It's a whole new year, with a year's worth of opportunities to read good books and to not eff up and ignore this blog.  We'll see how that goes, I guess.  Cheers!

ETA:  You guys!!  Three weeks after that pic above I went to the doctor, and he told me it's maybe kind of ok now! A few injections just in case, but it's all growing back now and nothing new is falling out!  Next month might be my last visit! Fingers crossed!!