Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet Valley High

A quick public service announcement:  I am completely obsessed with Forever Young Adult's systematic Sweet Valley High book recapsVery educational.   I haven't been this impatient waiting for new entries since Maureen Johnson was reading Dan Brown's latest so we wouldn't have to.  I thought I was a quite the fan back in my youth, but it turns out I missed a ton.  Like, I somehow didn't notice that Elizabeth Wakefield was awful.  And I totally missed the one where Regina Morrow dies the only time she tries cocaine.  I know!

But you know they're making a SVH movie, right?  And also that a new novel about the twins as adults is coming out in a couple of months (I just got the free preview chapter for my Kindle, and all I can say is ugh.)?  So thanks to the hard work of the FYA ladies, we can all catch up without having to actually, you know, read 181 lousy books.

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