Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Cat is Awesome

Pip (looking stylish) and William James
Both cats were being weird tonight—pacing and yowling in a very irritating way.  I thought it was because of the warmer weather and the fact that my door is still frozen half-shut so they haven't been able to go outside since Christmas.  Nothing I can do about that though, and they were really quite annoying so I kept telling them to shut up and go away.  Not that that ever works.  Then I heard Pip playing in the bathtub, scratching around and warbling, which is very odd behavior for her (Willie does it all the time, rolling around in there for fun).  It suddenly occurred to me that I had changed their litter earlier in the evening, and I realized that neither of them had used it yet, which was slightly surprising because, frankly, it was pretty rank.  They should have been happy with the clean box.  So I went and checked, and saw that I had accidentally put the box backwards, with the entrance against the wall.  And then I looked in the bathtub, and found that ol' Pip had peed in there! Instead of in the bed or somewhere else awful!  Poor thing...  But still, totally awesome of her.

**This has nothing to do with YA, obviously.  I've been busy reading other things, like Eating Animals, which has blown my mind all over again re: well, eating animals, and almost made me cry on the subway.  Still working on reading all the Printz honorees, because the library is taking forever to get me my holds. Good to know they're popular with readers, even if my stupid local Borders is too busy hosting events with the cast of Jersey Shore to bother stocking them...  (Not that I don't buy from indie stores usually, it's just that I had this 40% off coupon and was trying to get Please Ignore Vera Dietz for cheap..  Don't hate me.)

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