Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Last Little Blue Envelope

I'm a sucker for anything free, so I totally grabbed my free kindle copy of Maureen Johnson's 13 Little Blue Envelopes a few weeks ago, even though I already read it a few years back. (It's not too late to get yours, FYI.  Hurry!) So because it was on my kindle, and because I had just finished reading The Curse of the Wendigo, and because I didn't check anything new out of the library this weekend, I started re-reading it on the subway this morning and instantly got completely sucked in. I remember enjoying it before, but suddenly I'm ready to sublet my apartment and buy a ticket to Europe right this second!  For real—though to be fair I've been feeling that way for awhile now, so it's not entirely the book's doing.  I spent the evening googling some options, which goes against the spirit of the envelopes, but whatev.

Obviously, the free book offer is a promotion for The Last Little Blue Envelope, which came out on Monday.  And of course I totally fell for it.  Good work, HarperTeen marketing department!  I didn't even check the library catalogue before buying the kindle version this afternoon.  I needed it now.  Can't wait to actually read it!  (Too bad about the cover, though, but at least I won't be caught dead on the train with it...  Book anonymity is the best thing about e-books, hands down.  Like, a couple weeks ago I got through 3/5 of Jean Auel's new one with no public shame before finally giving up.)

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