Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've been super late doing anything at all in my yard this year.  Super late.  I think I remember starting my tomatoes back in February last year.  I waited until two weeks ago this time, so they're just little sprouts still.  (Don't judge me for using one of those cheap, too-small little seed starting kits.  I had a much better, less wasteful system last year, but like I said, I've been really really lazy about all this. Paying 5 bucks and sticking seeds in the peat was almost too much.) And even though they only have a couple of tiny leaves apiece, they smell like tomato plants already.  I mean, duh, but it's still a nice smell to have in the kitchen.

And what else?  Should have done this months ago, but I finally filled an entire bed (3'x4') with dwarf sugar snaps that supposedly don't need trellising, though I have my doubts.  They're a few inches tall now.  The strawberries that didn't do much last year are back, and today I noticed the first little sprig of mint pushing through the dirt.  Soon it will take over everything. 

And, you know, the ferns and the bleeding hearts, and Japanese Maple and the daffodils, and even my tree which is the last one in the neighborhood to start growing for some reason, has some leaves now.  It's amazing that a month ago the ground was bare and now it's completely covered with green things.  Yes, I realize that's how spring works, but it hasn't always happened right in my own mini-yard.  After a terrible, long winter, watching it all happen has been making me feel human and hopeful again.

And!! Tuesday is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's annual plant sale!  So there's that.

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